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So I have a secret…I love first looks. I understand that maybe you or your family may have reservations about doing a first look, maybe it’s not “traditional enough”, but there are a lot of benefits to doing one, if you are so inclined. 

First look on their wedding day in Newbern, NC

Lets talk about why you may NOT want to do one.

  • Some brides really want to see their grooms reaction to them as you begin walking down the aisle. So you may think that a first look may somehow spoil that reaction, but think about it. Yes you will witness the first true look by going the traditional route, but you rarely get to talk to or really embrace your significant other until many minutes later.  Which could possibly detract from the moment. Also, you both are in front of all your guests!! I don’t know about you, but I typically do not like to emote in public (My introverted-perspective).

  • However, some grooms do emote, which makes for wonderful photographs! This creates some compelling imagery. I know…I know. I’m not sure I’m selling this first look very well…

There are a couple of good reasons to do a first look.

Firstly, you will get to spend some intimate time together before the ceremony. Just you two and of course I’ll be there capturing all of the wonderful emotion.  This may be the only time throughout the entire day where you guys are by yourselves. 

Secondly, which I just hinted at, more photographs! This is a wonderful time to do romantic portraits with the two of you.  Which in turn helps your timeline through out the rest of the day. You will not feel as rushed during the family formals and while doing your bridal party photographs. You can actually enjoy that time and feel less pressure to stay on the timeline.

OK, obviously this is just how I feel. I have photographed it both ways, it’s just something I like to bring up in the beginning, during planning. 

So what’s it going to be…First look? Or the more traditional route?  Either way, it will be your special day and I would love to be there to capture it.

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